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July 28, 2001

"[+][beam] Hildegarde asks, ""tell me"

[+][beam] Hildegarde asks, ""tell me why crouching tiger isn't a very asian movie?"" [+][beam] jason grins. [+][beam] Hildegarde says, ""and...."" [+][beam] Hildegarde asks, ""does the nature of the medium imply a certain cultural...form?"" [+][beam] Hildegarde asks, ""I mean, can an american medium adequately reflect a non-american reality?"" [+][beam] jason grins. [+][beam] jason asks, ""what is so american about movies?"" [+][beam] jason says, ""I wouldn't essentialize film as american."" [+][beam] Hildegarde asks, ""didn't movies come out of north america?"" [+][beam] jason says, ""they neither invented it or do it best"" [+][beam] Hildegarde asks, ""motion pictures in general? Where did it come from?"" [+][beam] jason says, ""Lumiere brothers are one of the first, if not first."" [+][beam] jason asks, ""and hollywood was jewish imigrants mostly,right?"" [+][beam] Hildegarde falls apart laughing. [+][beam] jason says, ""movies are as american and e=mc^2"""

Posted by jason at July 28, 2001 09:03 PM