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July 29, 2001

I visited Soulflare looking for

I visited Soulflare looking for ideas, and ended up leaving this comment. ""As a gay-positive educator, who is bloggin in support of Canada's only school for queer youth, I can voice support for your activism. I can't offer much advice, as the struggle seems more clear when it is less personal... I'm just not qualified. But in working with Triangle, I've come to realize that the best resource is the individual, and the most important thing is to DO something you think is positive, along side traditional political activism, that helps solve a small daily problem. As a way to build bridges with people who may hold differing viewpoints, the smallest step may be the hardest, but is in the end perhaps the most important. Best of luck. (And I apologize for any incoherence, but I've been blogging for 17 hours.)"""

Posted by jason at July 29, 2001 09:38 AM