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July 30, 2001

"Morning after post... Well, 8"

Morning after post... Well, 8 people signed my guest book, and 112 visited my site, and I had over 400 page views. That makes me feel as if someone was watching ;-) I will add $8 USD from my pocket. That's about $12 CND. I said in a post somewhere that I'd donate $1 for every guest book entry. And I have 2 late sponsorships which didn't make the deadline. I don't know what the total was for me, and for the 3 of use who blogged for Triangle. Emma, our fourth, couldn't blog at the last minute due to a terrible family misfortune, but all of her sponsors were moved over to Hildegarde, I think. I know for a fact that our total will be over $500 CDN but that's all I know. The end of the story... I finished my last blog at 3pm and thought I'd go straight to bed. Then I chatted with Arun on the phone... during actually, as he called just in time to be part of my last post. I had a glass of beer, Dave's Post Apocalyptic Porter, and mulled about. Next thing I knew, I was scanning photos and fighting with a bad FTP connection to Yuka's web site. We did get a new picture of her and MAUD up on the cover page which is really nice. It is from our June trip to scotland. Then there were phone called between Helmut/Kazue and Miyoko who were trying to connect up but both were running around town and neither had a cell phone. I finally got to sleep around 5:30, and slept to 7am. I am up, and going to do some yoga, and pretend that I feel as good in body as I do in mind. Thus endeth the tale. I'll post final numbers when I get them, but otherwise this blog will return to normal. Thanks again, Jason"

Posted by jason at July 30, 2001 07:35 AM