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July 28, 2001

We're hanging on Achieve.... [+][beam]

We're hanging on Achieve.... [+][beam] Hildegarde says, ""I've discovered that there are some blogs I can't copy the text off"" [+][beam] Hildegarde asks, ""who does that?"" [+][beam] Hildegarde asks, ""I mean, why?"" [+][beam] Brin [to Hildegarde]: Because they can. [+][beam] jason says, ""you can put a blank frame on top that is transparent."" [+][beam] salmon grin. [+][beam] jason says, ""some people don't share stuff because they're scared that the one good idea that they had in their life may be stollen."" [+][beam] jason says, ""imaginative poverty, imho."" [+][beam] salmon [to jason]: let me catch my breath.. cam will be up soon [+][beam] Hildegarde says, ""it sucks rocks"" [+][beam] Brin exclaims, ""5 minutes!"" [+][beam] salmon [to jason]: that's a cool comment [+][beam] jason says, ""if you have an idea, set it free. if it comes back, copywrite the shit out of it."" xgrin [+][beam] jason grins."

Posted by jason at July 28, 2001 04:29 PM