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August 16, 2001

"Miao's Babyblog asked ""Will you"

Miao's Babyblog asked ""Will you send your kid to music or whatsoever lessons?"" ""Does this help providing her more choices and opportunities for her future or mostly just a fullfillment of your parenthood dream?"" To: Miao From: JASON NOLAN Subject: baby music and language Comments. My friends helmut and kazue speak english one day and japanese the next around their daughter Erika. She's now bilingual. And they throw in German. As an ESL specialist, you may agree that modeling practice is more important than any lesson. As for music, I play 7-8 instruments. I play often and I have fun. I'm also very bad. The worst of all my friends. But they all read music. Many had careers in music. All gave up because they weren't good enough. Some played for major international orchestras. I still play. Why? Cause I love it. Challenge kitten's mind with music and the making of music, not the study of music or appreciation, if you want her to have a tool for life... of course you two have to play/sing to her often. Who cares if it is bad, even better. I used to think that my parents never shared music with me, as they can't play anything. But I grew up with my dad singing in the car very badly, and I can still sing those songs, badly. There's my opinion. Blog it if you will. Jason"

Posted by jason at August 16, 2001 08:06 AM