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October 14, 2001

Anthrax: The end of email?

Anthrax: The end of email? This has a lot to say about how we teach educators to teach students. Computers, much as I want to decry their use among kids when they should be out running in fields and playing in the mud and just poking about in reality, are becoming tools for communication that cannot be put aside as long as I'd like. The hyperprotectionist parenting that never allows children to move unescorted, to join organizations without background checks on the adults, surf the net without special protection software, and now won't allow them to open mail, is getting rather sick. But the only way for an educator to counter this is to become proficient in constructing online learning environments herself so that our kids, as they get online, see adults modelling online activity that is proactive, creative, and constructive. Not merely the click and gaze/glaze of surfing the net. Hmmmm.... BLOG!"

Posted by jason at October 14, 2001 10:02 AM