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December 21, 2001

Here is a message from

Here is a message from Sadako's children. Sadako's been fighting breast cancer, and helping immigrant women fight for access to health care. I've been lucky enough to host her web site on the Achieve server for a couple of years. We all wish her and her family well over the holidays. Sadako's ""Living with Breast Cancer"" page Holiday message from Sadako's family: This winter holiday our family has been faced with a difficult turn in life. It has given us the chance to really appreciate those around us, especially the ones you love. Our mother (breast cancer survivor of six years) has recently been dealing with a serious metastisi of her cancer in her lungs this month. It has made breathing very difficult and she is currently in the hospital. Despite the grave news, my mother's radiant spirit continues to be expressed through her small hand gestures, smiles, facial expressions, and written words. We would love to get her home this holiday. We would like to put together a collection of positive words and strength from everyone who has been touched or affected by our super-mom, and try to read them to her. If you would like to send your love this way, please send it (in English or Japanese) to sadako@yukazine.com and we'll get it to her. Happy holidays! Nana, Yuka, Kentaro & Tomo Dec., 21, 2001"

Posted by jason at December 21, 2001 09:27 PM