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December 05, 2001

It is a great day.

It is a great day. I found a penny on the way to work! The usual wish. But first last night... I got a phone call from simsim (see blog on left). Haven't heard from her in 6 months... so you know something's up. She's going to be interviewed this friday and wants to use my office. VH-1 (video station?) is flying up a TV crew to interview her as the penultimate Michael Jackson (the singer, not the wine specialist) fanatic. Simsim DID do an essay for my course at a graduate conference on the topic of transborder air pollution as interpreted in dance, using M. Jackson's music. Did it in front of my boss, an assistant dean and the consuls general for Canada and the US (Toronto and Buffalo). It doesn't get any more strange. So, today. I get to work. Late. Got the mail sent, and a coffee got. Plunk myself down, and turn on the CD player which is thankfully still full of a Concrete Blond CD. To my dismay, I realize I'd left my 'puck' at home. My puck is my power supply for my TiBook. Bummer. That means only 3 hours of work in OSX mode or 4.5 in OS9 mode. Check the snail mail only to find that my Madsonline ""Generation Gap"" adapter came in!!!!! It allows me to use old pucks from iBooks on the newer TiBooks. Not only that, but even though I only ordered one ($50 CDN including shipping) 2 (two) were in the pouch!!!! And there was much rejoicing."

Posted by jason at December 5, 2001 11:56 AM