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December 15, 2001

It is the most beautiful

It is the most beautiful of mornings today. The most beautiful of the fall... we live overlooking a medium sized park, Grange Park, nestled in behind the Art Gallery of Ontario. There is a group of old houses about the same size as the park, next to it, and the city surrounds us all. The park, and the streets around it, is filled with trees, probably Norway Maple. And the snow of last night has left them all quietly coated with silver snow, of setting the bark, made black by contrast. The morning sky, a single sheet of orange and purple tinted cloud with a yellow-blue sky at the edges, makes it seem an impossible view. And the border of red brick warehouses beyond encloses it all like a framed vision of urban calm."

Posted by jason at December 15, 2001 08:36 AM