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March 17, 2002

Catspaw/Kat had a rude celtic

Catspaw/Kat had a rude celtic awakening this smorning, ""That's when I remember: Saint Patricks Day. Ahhh, this would explain all the people in bright green. (I'm not very observant when I'm tired). And then I start noticing the people more closely: little yelling kids, old people drunk by 10 am. This holiday has just ranked on my ""Catspaw's Hated Holiday"" list along with Secretaries Day and Be Nice To People Day. More busloads of people keep arriving. Some wearing green t-shirts and some dressed, head to tail, in Americanized leprochaun gear. All right below me."" Yes, it is ""you can all be Irish for a day"" day. Not quite as famous as ""let's be WASPs for a day"" or ""let's be Iranian for a day"" or ""let's be Mexicans for a day"" or ... you get the picture. And there's something wrong with it. Join the team Kat."

Posted by jason at March 17, 2002 12:42 PM