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May 01, 2002

[+][beam] Kat [to jason]: oooh

[+][beam] Kat [to jason]: oooh ooh ooh [+][beam] Kat [to jason]: Found a tidbit of information for you [+][beam] Kat [to jason]: the first historical incidence of people blogging their life (before the ""web"", but it still counts cuz its a pseudo-web) [+][beam] jason bounces upanddownandupanddown! [+][beam] jason asks, ""do they use the b word?"" [+][beam] Kat says, ""they don't use english ;)"" [+][beam] Solace asks, ""What/where?"" [+][beam] jason says, ""ah... "" [+][beam] Kat says, ""When Akkadian soldiers (2500 bce) went to war, they would all write their day's story on mud tablets which would then be set to dry in the sun, become really hard and then were distributed amongst the non-war villages for all the people to read so they knew how everything was going. Then the people would do the same and send them to the warfront so that the people there could all feel like they were at home."" [+][beam] Kat says, ""Sounds similar to blogging to meeeeeeeee."" [+][beam] jason says, ""yes, because of the modularity of the 'posts'"" [+][beam] Kat says, ""These tablets are still preserved today."" [+][beam] Kat says, ""When the warfront would be burned, the fire would shrink the mud tablets such that they became nearly indestructable"" [+][beam] Kat nods to jason."

Posted by jason at May 1, 2002 11:20 AM