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May 24, 2002

News of the day... as

News of the day... as if the rest of the world was not newsworth enough. Well it isn't. I am. Just got back from Dr Wong. He doesn't believe me that we're related, but such is life. Anyway. Had my first general physical a month back, and he sent me out for tests. I've not been to a doctor really since 1991 when I had a complete physical before being a bone marrow doner for my brother. So I knew everything worked then. Once a decade is pretty good considering my opinions regarding the health profession's work on maintaining health. Though I hear that they're great when something falls off. Since the early spring, I've been noticing extra heart beats. Not really extra, more like one big Woomph! all the sudden, like for a split second someone had replaced my heart with that of a randy wildebeast getting intimate and interactive in a family sort of way. Then I was instantly returned to my regularly scheduled programming. Calling it strange is like... never mind. Lost that one in a fizzle of braincells. Figured that it was something like my mom has wrong with her heart, or something like dad has with his... sharing genes and all that. Or more reasonably acute angina becuase I had been cutting down on the stressful parts of my life... and if you don't hear from me much anymore then you may be one of them. Dr Wong did all the blood work, and sent me off for the 24 hour heart monitor and the scoping of the bloodmuscle. Went in yesterday for the report, and the heartless heart specialists hadn't sent any reports. So he told me about other things... high choleserol. But it is the good kind. More of that. Slightly high in the bad kind. Told me to stop eating cheese and remove the skin from chicken... since I don't do anything else wrong that would mess with the bad C. I got a borked liver protein too... more on that next month. And slightly low thyroid... but says it is prolly my normal level. More tests later to confirm. So, called at noon to make an appointment today for when my reports come in... and they already were in, so I got an appointment at 5pm. Good doctor. Nice doctor. Waited in the chair for 45 minutes reading Jeff Noon's Pixel Juice. More on that later. And got called into the room. Nothing on the echocardiogram. No blockages, calcifications, enlarged and bloated arteries ready to burst, or stuck valves ready occlude, ie. nothing like parents got. And for the 24 hour monitor? Yep. That big bolus beat. A big fat exta beat. On time. In place. And probably always been there. No problem. Natural. Go away, Mr Nolan. Seems I just noticed after x decades... because I've been removing stressful things from my life. Good to know. I can de-stress myself into distress."

Posted by jason at May 24, 2002 06:17 PM