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October 30, 2002

Big Electric Cat

Yuka found this picture on some Japanese guest book I think it is a fake cat picture. What do you think? According to Guinness World Records : õ NATURAL WORLD << FANTASTIC PETS << LONGEST CAT Longest Cat Snowbie, the world†s longest cat, measures 103 cm (40.8õin) from nose to tip of tail, yet stands just 33 cm (12.9 in) tall. Snowbie was officially measured at this length on November 21, 1997, at four years of age. Lorna always had a feeling her feline was a record breaker. ""Our local vet says he's the biggest cat he's ever seen."" Most cats have to leap onto the kitchen tabletop to sneak a lick of the family leftovers. Not Snowbie, he simply stands on his back legs and grabs whatever he likes with his front paws."

Posted by jason at October 30, 2002 08:20 AM