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October 23, 2002

Just Happy

A strange adventure. How could I have imagined tonight. Something was up. Obviously. Dad was totally planned. Limo picked me up at 6:15, and I didn't have to do my usual, which was to take the bus, as I prefer. It was totally overwhelming: Blake, Kenny, Diana/Rod, Richie/Mr Woodall, Tula/Marika et al., Richard/Susie, Gokiburi Sue, Jack B, Dad & Cheryl, Cats and Emily, Kelly/Siobhan/Charlie, Mom & Lars, Irene. All in attendance for dinner at the four seasons room of the Inn on the Park. Like I said. Something was up. The biggest hint was that as we got into the hotel, I could hear something going on in the four seasons room, and across it all, I could hear my mom and dad's voices. The last time they spoke at a social gathering was 1995. So, you know somthing's up. For the entire night I spun around the room, chatting with people I love, but never get to see. Totally unexpected. Totally over the top. It was the best birthday party in my life, even if my birthday 40th birthday was really July 7th. And it was the best graduation party I ever, even if it was 18 months after I graduated. Don't get me wrong. That's not snarky. It was even better for being out of time. And that everyone would show up. I can never thank everyone enough. Goodnight!"

Posted by jason at October 23, 2002 03:03 AM