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October 22, 2002

Strange but it caught some fans.

Yuka, Kat and Muddy have all gone mushy over this flash movie that Yuka found called Shii's Song. Trust me, the singing is English. Are you next? And Yuka made me transcribe it. Just wish I could type fast like Rochelle. But don't read the transcript if you haven't watched the flash first. That's not fair. Wind's Nocturne Wishing on a dream that seems far off hoping it will come today. Into the starlit night foolish dreamers turn their gaze waiting on a shooting star but what if that star is not to come? Will their dreams fade to nothing? When the horizon darkens most we all need to believe there is hope is there an angle watching closely over me? Can there be a guiding light I've yet to see? I know my heart should guild me but there's a whole within my soul. What will fill this emptiness in side of me? Am I to be satisfied without knowing? I wish then for a chance to see. Now all I need Is my star to come..."

Posted by jason at October 22, 2002 09:05 AM