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November 27, 2002

Blake's fault

When you hang with blake, strange thing happen. Started with he and Yuka for Thai at the Queen mother. Then we walked down queen street. Looking for a club to visit. After passing the Riv, noting that Ric Emmet would be there, I asked blake what Emmett was up to. Blake turned to the person walking up behind us, and asked him. It was, of course, Ric Emmet. And he told us something. Then off down Queen. Blake noted that a women in a second story window was naked, and brushing her hair. I nodded and walked on. He dragged me back there 3 minutes later to watch. And she was still there. So we went into the ""Ancient"" for a pint. And he watched out the window as a crowd gathered to watch. Not us, but outside the women's window. Then an ambulance appeared. In front of her window. Our pints were finished and everyone was gone. But not before Ben Johnson walked by the window. So we went to the Horseshoe. As something was happening. No cover, but there were many people who seemed to know eachother. So we stayed. And had many Scotches. And waters. And then Scotches, with beer. Some how something was happening that we were not privy to. Musicians played who were not announced. Such as: Spirit of the West, Sarah harmer, gordie Johnson (big sugar), the headstones, staggered crossing, stabbing westward, some folks from tragically hip. We were taken abak. This sort of serendipity was beyond our collective ken. But it was the sort of thing that happens when you hang out with blake. Would that Salmon were there."

Posted by jason at November 27, 2002 01:40 AM