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November 25, 2002

STrange Mix

Yesterday was movie day, for some reason. Actually, I showed up at Kat's (for pancakes!) to talk to Lao about his Unicode moo implimentation. Very impressive, just figuring out ways to test it. Then back to hook up with Yuka and off to the movie. Smuggled in some real coffee and saw James Bond. I wasn't a big fan of the post-Connery bonds, until I saw ""Mars Attacks"". When Pierce Bronslin (or however you spell his name) was a severed head, cracking bad jokes, everything changed. Now every Bond movie has an element of Mars Attacks for me, and it is all funny forever. Then we come home, have dinner, very nice, and put on a DVD we got last week. ""Reservoir Dogs"". BLOODY MESS. But so beautiful. Much more horrific and much better cinematography. A joy to watch, and suffer through, but too much movification for one day. Saw ""The Hunger"" on Saturday night, if anyone cares."

Posted by jason at November 25, 2002 08:53 AM