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January 27, 2003

Microsoft Virii-Terrorism

Computer virus infects networks around world Why when Saddam wants to control his oil and piss off some people in the neibourhood do we want to destroy him, but when Microsoft wants to bring the internet to its knees with software that's a threat to the world, we don't care? Hmmm... more than likely, this Microsoft SQL Slammer virus that's shutting down the internet IS a form of terrorism. Well it is. It causes terror in people. Threatens people's banking, sharing of family photos, blogging, and no doubt accessing online porn. Hmmm... sounds like something I'd do IF I wanted to strike a blow against, say, american values? And it started where? Probably in South Korea. And who put it there? Your guess is as good as mine... Anyway, I don't worry much. Having the Internet down once and a while is a good thing as far as I'm concerned. It is like Ramadan, Lent, Passover, periodic fasting, or not drinking every day to give your liver a rest. Being off line is a goooood thing. I'll be off a lot over the next four months, and I can't wait. But the point is, as always, if someone in the west does it, it is OK, or just an accident. But if a corporation in the east does it, it is terrorism. And here's the neat bit. The virus/worm may have started in asia. Perhaps as a north korean wakeup call. But it is really Microsoft SQL's fault. And we know that everytime a virus takes over the net, it is Microsoft's products. When's the last time it was a Mac? Or even a standard Unix box. Yes, I know they happen, and how the first internet virii were propigated, but Microsoft just makes it so so SOOOOOO easy. Microsoft products are a breeding ground for virii. And people have the gall to call me a Mac fanatic? I just prefer to work in environments that are not plague vectors. Especially ones that don't charge you for the privledge. Give me Unix... breakfast of champions!"

Posted by jason at January 27, 2003 08:29 AM