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February 16, 2003

Size is important.

I just had to show you this. A nice pesto pasta with a myriad of veggies and flash fried pork. All cooked in a single 4"" pan. The wine was pretty good too. And yes, this is my entire kitchen. Well, there is a fridge and a microwave. I'm chatting with yuka in iChat, and she wanted to know how I could cook it in the small bowl... so: I had to cook fast. First cook the meat in pesto and olive oil. Put the results in bowl #1. And cover it with the chopping board. Then cook veggies in the same pan/sauce, and dump it in bowl #2, covered with a plate. Then pasta. The put pasta on plate, and reheat the veggies and pork, and voila."

Posted by jason at February 16, 2003 07:54 PM