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February 05, 2003

Walking to school

I talked to Yuka!!!!!!! It was a great adventure. I can't call overseas from Larry's office, or from his Cell phone. I can't stay awake late enough to call from larry's house. Yuka's email was down, so we couldn't email. So. I got on AIM, ICQ and MOO looking for help. Rhonna agreed to call yuka, and give her my number and ask her to call now. Funny thing is that Rhonna's in Norway. So, Japan > Norway > Canada. That's a good tech moment. Yuka called... and aside from the great mushy bits I'm not going to tell you about, it turned out that the wireless network at home had borked. Nothing left to do but disconnect it, and reconfigure the place as wired. You try that from the other side of the planet. Yuka, who usually refuses to touch wires, did a great job of rewiring everything, and testing connections. We then switched to AIM. Got my pretty photo id... and now I'm an official visiting d00d. Got some office space too. Though I don't think I'll use it much. Larry's got a better place... now that he's letting me clean it up. I feel like typical Jason. Walk in and start rearranging things. We actually ripped up the drop floor yesterday and dragged up more ethernet and power cables from under the floor. Then I stole one of his computers... It's called blowfish. A nice g4 tower. When he wasn't looking I erased all the hard drives. Well, he was looking. I just can't handle it when someone has 160 gigs of hard drive space. Spending the day installing mysql, and installing moveable type. Got pretty far along, but I need to print out the 300 page manual for mysql. Ick. I'd rather leave this for people like emma who get a kick out of it. But I'm here, and the only one at the univ who's going to do it. So here we go. Not much trouble, but I'd rather infinitely postpone the honour. Luckily, I'm keep detailed notes of everything I'm putting where, so it is not a problem for me to knock off now, and come back tomorrow. i won't be lost. Going to spend the evening reviewing poems for theharrow.com figuring out which one's we're going to publish... Anyway, here are some pictures of FUN. Here are nine views leading up to Future University. Compared to the historical environs from where I start. The mountain in the distance, by the sea, is mount Hakodate, and the oldest part of the town is down there. There's nothing behind the university, except parkland. House Fields and Mountains Vista 1 Vista 2 Vista 3 University 1 University 2 University 3 University 4"

Posted by jason at February 5, 2003 03:08 AM