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February 21, 2003

What I did on my summer holiday...

Not that much. It was a burner of day. Ripping up floor tiles and laying down ethernet cables. Then lifing them back up and taking them out. And back, and forth... ""Thirty years with my head in a dirty oven. This is marriage?"" Was installing a highspeed wireless network for St Larry and crew. Finally got it figured out in the end. It is tough when you can't go and ask the networking guys how things are set up, cause they don't want to tell you, cause then you might know that it is borked. But we finally worked out a compromise, larry and I, that bypassed the networking guys. Remind me to tell you about them some day. They all sit in a room on the third floor, and they have slippers on. And they came to work in suits, but they took their jackets off, though not their ties. And they work for a big company that contracted them out to the university. And they're scared that if they let anyone do anything that something might break and they'd be thrown down a deep dark hole. But they seem like nice guys. Anyway, nothing much more useful done, as it took all day. What happened to the funding proposals and the conference proposals I'm to write? Not much. That'll be all next week, or larry's toast. And so am I. Luckily I got to chat with yuka for a good bit, then Julia (sometimes JuliaD), and Simsim. Simsim did a great job redesigning her blog, by the way. Tomorrow I'm going shopping. And I hope that that's going to be a great event. Pray for me."

Posted by jason at February 21, 2003 03:20 AM