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March 04, 2003

Serious Lagging

Trying to fight the rhythm of the spheres. And of course, all I get is dissonance. It seemed as if I'd escaped jet lag, getting a good normal night's sleep after I got back from Tokyo. But for the last two nights I've been able to get an hour of sleep, then I'm up from 2 to 6, sleeping from then until afternoon. Icky. SO, I've forced myself to stay up until 3am, in the hopes that I'll sleep until a reasonable time in the morning, and get into work. There are things to avoid doing that take my presence in the office. The fun of the evening has been pruning my mp3 list, and digitizing a pile of tunes for my upcoming trip. Removed some stuff that I don't even remember what it is, that's how memorable it was, and replaced it with Iggy Pop, Tom Waits and Concrete Blond. Three more Blonde CDs, a Magazine and a Suicide and ""Les Chants D'Eros"" and that should be it. Just in case you're wondering, I have 10 Beatles albums, Benny Goodman, Bessie Smith, Billie Holiday, Mingus and Parker, Django Reinhardt, Diana Ross, the Duke, Sarah Vaughan, and tones of Robert Johnson... so all is not genX angst."

Posted by jason at March 4, 2003 03:14 AM