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March 30, 2003

Zbons or ZooBombs!

I know that a simple web search could have solved this problem, but then it never occurred to me to do it. I think i mentioned this when I was posting about my stay in Japan. But ever since I got napster, long ago... and it will be missed, I have known about this band called the ZooBombs (NO-FI ""MAGAZINE"" interview with ZOOBOMBS). I found two songs of theirs by accident: Mo' Funky and Soul Bomb. They were great. When I told Salmon about them, she already knew and all that. Then came 9/11 and the Zoobombs cancelled their tour. Or something like that. I lost my chance. But when i got to Japan, it was time to go ZooBombs shopping. No luck. No band named ZooBombs. Very helpful people in the record stores, but no ZooBombs. There was a very small Zed section though. Like 3 CDs. And one of them was called ""Super Funcy of Zbons"". So I got it on a whim. And viola! It was ZooBombs! I just was spelling it wrong.... Fast forward to today. Yuka and I took the streetcar along Queen to Roncesville, and walked up Roncesville (someone spell this right) to Howard Park, then all the way back down Dundas to home. That's about a 2-2.5 hour walk, with lots of stops. Going up Roncesville, I found a store called ""Boom, she said."" Of course other people know it by the non-dyslexic name of ""She said Boom."" It is the twin of the ""Boom, she said"" near Salmon's house. And inside, in the Zed section, they had a CD called ""Let it Bomb"" by the ZooBombs! Two countries. Two names. Both in English. One band. Now I know... and they rock."

Posted by jason at March 30, 2003 05:47 PM