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April 22, 2003


I've been marking papers. And the less said about that the better. But all is not dross. Luckily. I've been repairing a couple if iBooks, trying to get two working computers out of three non-working ones. Two of them belonged to my little sisters, Cats and Emily. Cats' is a total mess, keyboard broken, case cracked and apparent salt water damage. Emily's just had a broken keyboard and damaged battery. The third, I broke. Spilling wine onto it a couple of years ago and frying the mother board. It was up for sale cheap then, so it wasn't that much of a loss. The best working computer is going as a gift to a teenager in a single parent family who can't afford a computer. Don't know who, friends of my dad's. Putting as much spit and polish into that one as I can, because there's no use getting something second hand that falls apart too quickly. Putting in a brand new battery, and all the ram, so that it will have a fighting chance. I was going to put in a larger harddrive, but I've taken iBooks apart before, and they're about the harddest things to take apart, and only slightly harder to put back in one piece. I think there are 33 screws required to get to the harddrive. Better if I don't. The other computer is going into my resurrected mini audio studio, along with all my other derelect audio odds and ends. Poor yuka's ears."

Posted by jason at April 22, 2003 07:12 AM