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July 05, 2003

Rochelle and the Mac Family... and Saturday Dinner

I forgot to post this last week when Rochelle was in town. This tableau contains Yuka's iMac, my G4, and Rochelle's new and old ibooks. There are 3 old ibooks offscreen, but the composition looked so natural (it was) that we didn't want to overload it. Panda's not participating, and in the foreground is Yasuyuki's book ""Let's Start: Internet English Sites"" he sent me. She was back yesterday for a comedy of errors, of which she was but an innocent. Due to a communication error, I got word from Yuka, that Rochelle's old iBook was fixed, and that she could take the bus in from Guelph to pick it up. And that her iPod was ready. So she hopped on the bus. Then I found out that her iBook had NOT been fixed, and that it needed a new logic board and CD-rom. Too late to call Rochelle and warn her... the bus had left the station. [time passes] Rochelle takes the news, on her arrival, in stride, and we waltz up to get the iPod, cool thing that it is. When we get to the UofT computer store, Joe the repair d00d, tells us that he, and or his assistant, has fixed it, and it doesn't need anything. So we get to wait around for an hour while he installs a new OS and all the firmware updates... and we wend our way home. Oh, I noticed just now that I DID upload this image, or one close. Too bad. It is worth seeing again."

Posted by jason at July 5, 2003 12:17 PM