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August 09, 2003

Call the number on your screen...

Tomorrow, between 1 and 3pm call Alexis at 647-220-4857 or Elizabeth at 647-224-4857. And tell them that Ken told you... by proxy. I don't know them at all, and I sincerely hope that Ken's given me the right numbers. I was down in the Distillery District today with Yuka and Masako, and her baby, for coffee and to check out some outdoor art show/sale. Yuka got her finger caught in a ring, and we had to buy it. :) Just as I was leaving to go over to St Lawrence Market to do some shopping, I saw a woman, out of the corner of my eye. Answering a cell phone, and throwing it to the ground, and grabbing another. I ignored her, as I'm wont to ignore people making a spectical of themselves, but kept her in the periphery of my vision, I like art at the periphery of vision, until I left. After getting home, and putting away groceries, and having some lunch, I'm reading some stuff from this new cool book I bought ""New Media: 1740-1915"" when Ken calls from Ottawa. He told me to go to the Distillery District cause there were two friends of his doing performance art with cell phones. I said, ""Ya, saw them already. Figured that they would be friends of yours."" (Ask ken to tell you about some of his old Cell phone performance bits some day. So, I'll call Alexis and Elizabeth tomorrow. Will you?"

Posted by jason at August 9, 2003 04:24 PM