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October 01, 2003

Sympatico !help

What a waste of time. Most of you know that Sympatico's SMTP servers are a mess. And that many other ISPs block sympatico mail because Sympatico ends up on lists of ISPs who forward spam. So, I want to use my own SMTP servers. And yes, I have a few up my sleeve. But Sympatico blocks me from talking to my own SMTP servers. My servers which are working, and which do not forward spam. First this wonderfully rude joker, the first wonderfully rude joker that I've communicated with at Sympatico, but no doubt not the last, tells me that I'm wrong, and that sympatico's not blocking port 25. Then after I tell him to check, he says that they are. When I ask for access to documentation describing what the problem is, he puts me on hold for almost 20 minutes, before giving me a web page, that doesn't exist, and forwards you to one of those moronic web sites ""What is email? And how do I send it?"" I'm asking about why they're blocking port 25! I finally, and you heard it first, yelled at him, called him rude and obfuscatory, and that he's wasting my time, and hung up. Now, when's the last time anyone saw me really angry? Probably never. I'm not recommending Sympatico any more. They can kiss my SMTP."

Posted by jason at October 1, 2003 10:05 AM