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November 08, 2003

Reading... and the eyes...

I went to get a new prescription for glasses. Tried out Dr. Kristin Heeney at Yuka's command. Dr. K has a puppy that runs around the store and Yuka wanted to 'meet' it. Unfortunately she had to work the day I went, so I met the puppy and yuka will have to go another time. Dr. K diagnosed me with a chronic eye infection that was causing me problems, not just over use of the computer. We're dealing with that. Then she actually lowered my prescription. Yesterday, Yuka and I met up at RAPP Optical, where I get my glasses. The woman there recognized my business card I'd given her... to get my 'data'. Turns out that Gale Moore (director of KMDI) goes there. I knew that Steve Mann was working with Mel Rapp to get his cyborgspecs... seems like KMDI should get a discount or something. As a result of all this... I've been reading and reviewing papers. Read Jasjit and Ben's contributions for the International Handbook of Virtual Learning Environments and reviewed articles for the journals ""Surveillance and Society"" and ""Educational Technology and Society"". Now I'm off to celebrate Bram Stoker's birthday with Elizabeth Miller and Crew."

Posted by jason at November 8, 2003 05:02 PM