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February 25, 2004

MovieMartyr.com - Songs From the Second Floor

Tonight, yuka and I watched Songs From the Second Floor After two long years, Songs From the Second Floor, Swedish director Roy Andersson\'s apocalyptic look at the dangers inherent in modern society, finally has opened in the United States, and I think this is one instance where the delay caused by the film\'s inability to get distribution might cause serious harm to its stateside perception. Safely ensconced midway through the year 2002, any millennial tension feels like a long gone fad. Y2K seems about as relevant to our lives as the Pet Rock does, and that\'s a shame, since Andersson\'s movie would have fed off of whatever fears we still had lingering a few years back. Essentially beginning as a Brazil for contemporary times, Songs develops as it continues into a broad and scathing critique of the way we live. Andersson argues here that mankind has become so obsessed with capitalist goals that we simply can\'t be bothered to notice the divine. There\'s really only one good idea in this movie, but the director runs with it and presents it with an unforgettable visual panache."

Posted by jason at February 25, 2004 03:36 AM