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February 01, 2004

What it is...

Where to begin. Perhaps with spending the afternoon changing the hard drive in my Powerbook. Jeremy said it was easy. And he was right. One of the easiest swaps. I took out my old 10 gig drive which is full, and replaced it with a 60 gig, that I got when I was in Japan (thanks Larry). Slight problem though. And this is why it is worthy of blogging. You see, you should always back up your data before you do things like swapping drives. And of course I did. I backed it up to the drive I was swapping IN, assuming that I'd be able to plug in the new drive and have it running. Nada. You see, internal drives are formatted like good old unix drives partitions everwhere. External drives do not. So, it took me 3 tries, of taking drives out and putting them back in, but I finally backed up my computer to Yukas, swapped the drives, reformatted the drive, and copied the data over. Server smoked again today too. Edublog.com, jasonnolan.net, yukazine.com, projectachieve.net... Same problem. The computer forgets where the ethernet connection is. So I just have to go up to the office, unplug the ethernet cable, and plug it back in. I'm so so very bored with running my own servers. As well, achieve.utoronto.ca is on its last legs. Tape drive and monitor dead. Powersupply fan grinding something nasaty. Gonna get rid of them both, and just pretend that I don't have any server related experience."

Posted by jason at February 1, 2004 06:06 PM