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May 20, 2004

Updating myself. Yuka says I have to.

Well, yesterday I had a long (almost 4 hour) lunch with Jocelyn Piercy co-dean of technology at Seneca. Another digital kindred spirit to go along with Megan at OISE and Jennifer Jensen (York U). There does finally seem to be a group of us interested in tech and social issues in Toronto (yes, I\'m sure there are others). It turns out that not only does she know all my old English d00ds, but at one point she turned to me and said, \""You know that one of your students used to work for me?\"" I guessed it was Emma and I won the prise. Emma\'s teaching at Humber now, I think. Unfortunately Tech at Seneca has had declining enrollment. That also means that there\'s no work up there for me, in Tech. Personally, I\'d like to get into doing some more practical teaching, like I did at Ryerson last year. Speaking of which, I just put in my letter of interest to teach there again next fall. If I got two sections of ECE912 (Early Childhood Education and Technology) it would be great. Anyway, while Jocelyn and I were jawing about everything, Hoder (Mr Iranian Weblogs) walked by. (Gale Moore, director of KMDI did too, but she doesn\'t have a web page I can point to.) All this means that I\'ll have to have another pizza night to get everyone together. After lunch, Jocelyn was off learning about MOOs and how cool they are. I hope she gets hooked. Today, I\'m moving all my junk to joel\'s house so that we can have a Garage Sale this Saturday (68 Hogarth Ave.). Drop by if you\'re in the Riverdale area of Toronto. Lots of cool stuff."

Posted by jason at May 20, 2004 01:48 PM