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June 01, 2004

"NewYorkish: Larry David, Defender of the Innocent"

Murder suspect found not guilty by TV show footage. \""One more reason to love Larry David: he saved a life this week. According to Celebrity Justice (story not online), pillar of journalistic integrity, an episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm now lies at the heart of a murder investigation. Here\'s how it goes: in May of 2003, a murder led the LAPD to a suspect, a man with reputed ties to a notorious LA-based gang. The suspicion only increased when the man couldn\'t provide investigators with much of an alibi. He told the cops he\'d been at a Dodgers game, although the only person who could confirm his whereabouts that day was his sympathetic girlfriend.\"""

Posted by jason at June 1, 2004 01:15 PM