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November 23, 2004

Communities of Difference

Communities of Difference

"This is a collected book that explores and heart and soul of one of the foremost dilemmas of Western culture--the tension between community and individualism--and in doing so, offers a compelling critique of the challenges of communities oif difference facing neo-liberal globalizations. A timely book for unsettling times."--Carlos Alberto Torres, Professor, Univeristy of California, Los Angeles

Book Description
This book will look at the implications of educational practices in communities that are differentiated by issues of language, culture, and technology. Trifonas argues that a "community" is at once a gathering of like-minded individuals in solidarity of purpose and conviction, and also a gathering that excludes others. The chapters in this collection will reveal this tension between theory and practice in order to engage the models of community and the theories of difference that support them as a way to teach, to learn, and to know.

Table of Contents
Introduction: Communities of Difference--Peter Pericles Trifonas * Part One: Culture, Difference, Community * Shredding of the Social Contract: The War Against Children--Henry A. Giroux * Tackling Difference in the Conservative Heartland of Canada--Darren E. Lund * Our Political State in an Age of Globalization--John Willinsky * culture, postmodernity, &education: oil_H2O@no.com--Blaine R. Desprą©s * Critical Pedagogy in the Age of Neoliberal Globalization--Peter McLaren * Part Two: Language, Difference, Community * The Letter of the Law/The Silence of Letters: Poetic Ruminations on Love and School--Carl Leggo * Metanarratives of Emancipation--Trevor Norris * Freirean Literacy: Difference That Makes a Difference--Carlo Ricci * Crossing the Postmodern Conditions that Divide--Peter Pericles Trifonas and Effie Balomenos * Part Three: Technology, Difference, Community * The Technology of Difference: ASCII, Hegemony and the Internet--Jason Nolan * The Phoneur: Mobile Commerce and the Digital Pedagogies Of the Wireless Web--Robert Luke * Difference and the Internet--Joel Weiss, Jason Nolan, Vera Nincic * Learning the Real, Theorizing the Virtual I--Peter Pericles Trifonas, Paulo Ghiraldelli Jr

Ya, it won't be out until 2005, but I needed to blog it somewhere so I'll be able to find the site later. I'm in it twice, if you didn't notice. :)

Posted by jason at November 23, 2004 09:46 PM