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January 22, 2005

--cameramail cameras--

[Yuka forwarded this.]

--cameramail cameras--

First, a brief introduction to cameramail.
The idea is not completely original, I'm sorry to admit. While working on a mail-art project for school, I saw Daniel Farrell and Richard Kegler of the website P22 document an impressive number of odd forms of correspondence between their two addresses in upstate New York. One of the last experiments displayed on their site was a camera attached to a postcard and plastered with stamps. Taking a good idea and running with it, I began to mail cameras to various locations. This project is still ongoing. Click on the cameras to view their photos

Posted by jason at January 22, 2005 05:12 PM


very cool: connected with Geof by email, and another group of mail art folks to develop this theme.

i am in greece with limited email accessibity, hence it has been a nice post cyborg rest. say hello to all. sent some email images from JFK on the way here. now i am stuck in greece due to the snow storm in nyc...boo hoo!

also got some more participants for the tribes thing. I guess it would be great to work towards a cooperative team,, rather than the alpha beta problems of a competive enviroment.

i did some sousveillance stuff from andros and will blog the experience next week towards a delay time documentation of the exerience of dancing in a village and contrasting it with city experiences to get at some of Derricks ideas about language and alphabets. it also touches on steve's math ideas. will explain the logic later.


[Ed: yay Stefanos! ]

Posted by: stefanos at January 23, 2005 05:14 AM