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March 17, 2005

Book Launch: The Books of King Henry VIII and His Wives

My friend James is having a book launch last for his latest work "The Books of King Henry VIII and His Wives". Yuka and I got a copy, and it is quite wonderful. I always wonder at how lucky some people are, getting to work with such great material.


The The Good Book Guide says:

Take a peek inside the covers of many of the books belonging to Henry VIII and it is immediately obvious that he not only read them, but had the bad habit of scrawling annotations inside them too. In spite of fire, war, theft, political turmoil and the passage of time, a surprisingly large number of Henry’s books have survived until today. Although perhaps better known for his marital exploits, Henry was in fact one of the most widely read Renaissance monarchs and spent considerable time and money acquiring his vast library. The books he chose reflected not only his own interests but also highlighted the major issues of the day. Alongside these volumes exist the books of Henry’s wives, themselves great readers and thinkers. Through his detailed descriptions of these collections, James Carley gives a valuable insight into the personalities and philosophies of their owners and sheds light on the marriages of the king.

Posted by jason at March 17, 2005 12:39 PM