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June 26, 2005

Learning Frowned Upon at Kurtztown Area High School

Slashdot | Felony Charges For H.S. Hacking

Last year the Kurtztown Area High School approved a program which gave every student an iBook. Now 13 students face felony charges for violating the district's usage policy." From the article: "Shrawder said the secret password '50Trexler,' was widely-known among the student body and distributed early in the school year. It allowed between 80 and 100 students to reconfigure their laptops, he said. The more computer-savvy students began to disable the administrations' ability to spy on the students' computer use. For others, it became a game, trying to outsmart the administration and compete with fellow students who held the secret, Shrawder said.

Personally, and I do not speak as a professor hoping for tenure, but as an individual on his own time, I'd give'm bonus marks, and I'd want to drag the admin up on the carpet for a talking to.

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