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July 29, 2001

Dave is going shopping in

Dave is going shopping in China town, for his Sunday ritual. [+][beam] dave is going grocery shopping at a far too crowded supermarket in Chinatown [+][beam] jason [to dave]: why? [+][beam] jason says, ""never mind ;-)"" [+][beam] dave says, ""it's the Sunday ritual"" [+][beam] jason [to dave]: enjoy it... [+][beam] dave says, ""it's brief and cheap ;)"" [+][beam] jason asks, ""you describing shopping or sex?"" [+][beam] jason says, ""I need sleep"" [+][beam] dave falls apart laughing, gasping and pointing at jason. [+][beam] Hildegarde falls apart laughing."

Posted by jason at July 29, 2001 11:49 AM