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July 29, 2001

Ok. Me bad. But I

Ok. Me bad. But I have multiple intersecting excuses. My cam. I had a cam for the whole blogathon, but it was not mine. I bummed 3 cams from school for Salmon, Hildegarde and as a back up. I was going to use my beloved Kritter Cam. But it borked. And borked and borked. But when hildegarde told me to get my camera back on so her sister could see if I was awake, I wanted MY camera... Do I hunted and poked and prodded. I dumped preference files, and reinstalled the known universe. Unfortunately, it was the wrong universe. Some sort of sick sidereal motion of the stars and the entire cosmic circumference was perspiring against me. The dam'ned inhibiting factor could not be found and disinhibited. What was I to do? I puzzled, and fuzzled, til my muzzler was sore. And yet, I had no more sense of a concrete reality of the situation than did the flight attendant with Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon Airways. Forlorn and undaunted, I severed, and cut to the quick. Throwing out all extensions including willy and nilly. Rebooting ad nauseum... until! What in a wondering eye should appear, but the right configuration, and my crittercam is here!"

Posted by jason at July 29, 2001 01:07 PM