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December 08, 2002

Things I do today...

Uploaded a wack of powerpoint slides, and pdf documents to the KMD1000 web site. Still have to link some of them. But it is nice to FINALLY get lecture notes to put up for half of the course. I got mine done, in so far as I was able, and now have most of the outstanding stuff. Then went shopping for holiday presents. Just back for coffee and going out to get more. Presents. Then off to Le Slect Bistro for dinner with the girls tonight. Feels like a holiday already if you ask me. Let's not talk about all the work I have to do tomorrow. Ugh.

I noticed, from my logs that I'm getting visits to this page from universities to which I have recently applied. Coincidence perhaps? Or just checking up on my spealing? Welcome nonetheless."

Posted by jason at December 8, 2002 02:53 PM