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March 05, 2003

Conceptual Firewalls...

If you've not heard, though I have only been home mere days, I'm heading to Texas. Salmon and I are leaving 7am on Friday to drive to Austin. She's organized a panel discussion on the topic of Conceptual Firewalls. Though I keep thinking of it as 'cultural firewalls'. Hopefully we'll infuse the proceedings with some zing that they weren't expecting. SXSW /interactive/panels/sunday Conceptual Firewalls: While blogs have the potential to foster community and to support independent publishing, access to internet technologies and online communities in general remains uneven. The "firewalls" take many forms: linguistic, cultural, economic, gendered. If blogs and blogging communities are to enable anyone to publish anything at anytime, it's crucial that we consider the ways in which they may or may not partake of these same inequalities. Heather Champ (The Mirror Project), Cameron Marlow (Blogdex), Jason Nolan (Knowledge Media Design Institute), Katharine Parrish, moderator (squish), Ana Sisnett (Austin Free-Net) %uFFA5%uFFCARoom 17A"

Posted by jason at March 5, 2003 06:36 AM