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March 06, 2003

Massages for the Masses

I have fixed the cam software on my computer, mostly due to patience on my part and the most recent OS X system upgrade, but I had to do some hacking about, so there is some sense that I participated in the fixedness. I'll have the cam going as much as I can down in Texas, and will probably have it going on the road in archive mode, to see if anything interesting happens in front of the car. Like in the TV cop shows. As well, and bloggers take note, I have paid for a premium account with blogrolling.com. All the stuff down the right hand side of this page used to be coded by hand. Then I got 2 blogrolls to manage my Fav Blogs and Linken. By paying $15, I get 10 blogrolls, and help Jason (another jason) provide the free part of the service. It is a great tool. If you are a chronic and want to handroll all your links, fine, but for the rest of us who hope to have social lives, blogroll is it. And now a massage from the Swedish Prime Minister."

Posted by jason at March 6, 2003 04:42 AM