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March 09, 2003

Made it...

Salmon and I completed our drive to Austin in 30 hours. Stoped for about 2-3 hours over all. Nicely enough my jetlagging helped. I couldn't sleep all night, so I drove. Stopping for a 2 hour break when Katherine drove. She did the bulk of the work. Clocking something like 65-70% of the driving. I just did all the nastiest stuff... All across the south they're fixing the roads. And so it was down to 2 lanes, compressed to the width of two semi-trucks. Imagine weaving through them at 120km/h (that's the speed limit) boxed in by transport trucks. Just the thing to keep one from getting bored of the flat night. I even have a quick time video of it somewhere."

Posted by jason at March 9, 2003 02:40 PM