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November 30, 2003

"Ok, what really happened"

Thursday - Updated the http://edublog.com server to OS X 10.3, in anticipation of moving all the services from the http://projectachieve.net sever over to the iMac. Only one machine to maintain and whatnot. Easy beans. I hope. Also had lunch with Megan Boler, a new OISE prof and friend of Jeremy's from VT. As a side comment while talking about other things, she mentioned that Donna Haraway was her supervisor. I freaked out quietly. Friday - As noted in the KMDI Diary about 30 of us went for a retreat to discuss the past and future of KMDI. It was much more dynamic and interesting than I thought it might be. Luckily KAT! was there. As was Brian Cantwell Smith, the new dean of FIS. He seems like a d00d I'd like to work for. Saturday - Started the morning by marking 40 really interesting bookmarks assignments recently done by the ECE folks at Ryerson. - But Saturday WAS fun. I met my sister Kelly, and her kids Duncan (aka Charley) and Siobhan, for coffee and mess (provided by Duncan). Kelly took Duncan off to the Eaton's Centre, and Siobhan and went west, shopping. For her birthday. Mostly we just walked in and out of stores on our way to the Japanese Paper Place. Which she wanted to see. I got a nice fountain pen. We did a turn through Garrison Creek park, then back along queen. I 'forced' Siobhan to buy some CDs she wanted, the sound track to Brazil, a NIN CD, and something else I know not what. - And before dinner, Yuka and I went to the video store so she could pester Normy the big orange cat. Today - Yuka and I are going to see Tequila Vampire Matinee at the Theatre Passe Muraille with Elizabeth Miller... of course we're going to the Sunday Matinee. Until then, I'm going to my office to fix the FTPd so that yuka can update her journal."

Posted by jason at November 30, 2003 09:18 AM