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May 16, 2005

First, to the white guys who have been proclaiming

Rochelle forwarded this post to me: Burningbird Steve Levy, Dave Sifry, and NZ Bear: You are Hurting Us. It is another in an interesting line of discussions of power online and who gets a voice. When I spoke at SXSW years ago on the hegemony of ASCII in the next rooms journalists were crying the blues. There is the ever present A-list themes that come around and around. But one thing remains the same, blogs allow for a diversity of voices, LJ more than the national average, IMHO. And this is always going to bug those who think they get to control who says what.

I just hope that people like Shelly keep challenging it, though I doubt it will go away. As a White male, I think that the anything that challenges the existing power structure is good for us all in the long run. Gotta keep this book marked for my summer course.

First, to the white guys who have been proclaiming your race and sex with such pride: It would seem that not only are you not content with being king of the hill, you also want to be chief underdog, too. Not content to being the center of too many dialogs within weblogging, you also want to be the center of one discussion that, oddly enough, doesn%u2019t center around you: being a weblogger who is not a male, or is not white, or both.

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