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May 16, 2005

Latin American Research Group (LARG)

Judith Bernhard just sent me info on a new report on a project she's part of with the Latin American Research Group (LARG) called Social cohesion and international migration in a globalizing era: Transnational solidarities and newcomer incorporation in Canada". The link is on the LARG web site at the bottom. Here's some info about the project:

A complex set of economic, political, and socio-cultural factors associated with globalization are contributing to the growing displacement and scattering of families across space. Economic and cultural globalization, migration, changes in travel and communication technologies, changes in employment opportunities and related processes, contribute to further displacement and fragmentation of family networks across space, meaning that the transnational multi-local family may be here to stay. However, there has been only limited consideration of the ways in which institutional landscapes shape immigrant families' experiences of spatial ruptures. For instance, the narrowing of family reunification criteria in the immigration policies of receiving countries may delay or prevent spatial family reunification.
The Latin American families component of the project on Social Cohesion and International Migration in a Globalizing Era: Transnational Solidarities and Newcomer's Incorporation in Canada, explored the character of long distance relationships, child rearing, and family members' ability and willingness to negotiate and manage their personal lives across borders. It also examined the adaptation and incorporation process of Latin-American families into Canadian society.
This research examined fundamental questions such as: What are the experiences of Latin American migrant families as they establish and maintain bonds across long distances? Are Latin Americans in Canada as fairly 'Ccomplete' nuclear or extended families? How do families address social reproduction in a transnational context? To what extent do family members make use of mainstream social services and ethno-specific Canadian based organizations including religious and community leaders?
LARG's research team conducted 40 interviews with Latin Americans who experienced separation from their children as a result of their migration to Canada. The study included families from Colombia, El Salvador, Ecuador, Mexico, Costa Rica, and Guatemala.

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